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If there are categories out there that already exist—like powdered sugar donuts—feel free to use them. Human curiosity once again enters with this title—and you already know its power. Some of the best blog ideas are ones that give users some practical value, almost like drawing water from a faucet. You may even attract some intermediate-level professionals who want to catch up on everything they might have missed in their first few years. This is a more personal post than most of the others on this list, but I always recommend leveraging personal brands to make your content more powerful.

There are a number of appeals here. Next, the creation—the blank, which can be money, a business, or any kind of achieved goal—gives the title some measurable weight.

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The one thing that makes us all the same is our desire to be different. When it comes to online marketing for startups , small business owners, parents, fresh college grads, and about a hundred other potential demographics, frugality is a virtue. Few people, excepting the very rich, actively enjoy spending money, and with all other variables being equal, prefer more cost-effective options. We like to get the most for our money, and the raw appeal of this title somewhat proves it.

You can spin almost anything into a frugal version of itself, from buying cheaper pizza to managing human resources more wisely. Is there some other way to go about this? Image Source: KissMetrics. People love to watch trends. Evergreen content topics are good, and generally preferred due to their indefinitely long lifespan, but the appeal of trends is sharper and faster.

The fact that there are a concrete number of them is just an added bonus. The blank here can be any verb that relates to your business, though generally, this headline applies more to business owners than direct consumers. This title can be tricky to pull off, and certainly works better in some contexts than it does for others. This is a great title for any business that sports a long buying cycle, or one that requires significant consideration from clients and consumers. The vast majority of people consult the web before making any kind of purchase, so if your target market is struggling to finalize a decision, this is the perfect chance to capture them.

This title follows the same core concept as the last one—consumers want to do their research and learn more information before making a final buying decision. For example, you could tell them to ask friends and family members, find referrals, or get quotes from multiple providers before finalizing. In our culture, time is precious , to the point where we count every second of our days. This article will imply that many of your readers are wasting their time in some area of their lives, and that you have the knowledge necessary to fix it.

For example, you could discuss the pros and cons of hiring a contractor versus doing a job yourself, or the pros and cons of hybrid cars. Typically, there are at least a handful of ways your clients will be faced with diametrically opposed options. Should they hire a freelancer or full-time worker? Should they get cake or ice cream for a birthday party? Should they choose vinyl or wood siding? Some sites, like Diffen , have dedicated themselves exclusively to this approach due to its popularity with users. Image Source: Diffen.

For example, instead of giving you titles for your blog, I could have recommended strategies like word association games, reading competitor blogs, and social listening to come up with them on your own. This title obviously caters to a crowd that relies on strategies to accomplish some goal. This is often, but not necessarily, relegated to the business world. And second, that these strategies are highly effective. The blank here can be anything, but is best served as one of your top products or service offerings. For example, you could reference the most popular types of cheese, or the most popular forms of advertising.


People tend to value popular things more, which drives their popularity even further. The article also has an appeal for more experienced members, who can use the article as a refresher or even as a teaching aide. Common clickbait titles use this gimmick to try and get people to buy weight loss supplements, but you can use it as a way to draw people into your products or solutions. The only drawback here is that it can come across as a gimmick—so be sure to explain yourself in the body of your content.

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Finding creative approaches to solving problems or creative ideas in general is appealing, because it implies a break from the norm. People are always striving for more efficiency. More efficient work can lead to more money, while more efficient lifestyles can lead to more satisfaction and less stress. These should be able to apply to anyone even close to your target demographics, so use it wisely. For example, rather than writing about what makes a great music video, you could write a post containing some of your favorite music videos, and why they work.

You know how the For Dummies series got to be so popular? Part of the reason was the excellent content in their books, but an almost bigger reason was probably the title. This is a pretty thin title as it stands, so as you can imagine, its power comes from what you choose to fill in. There are limitless possibilities here, but a few broad categories to consider. However, people love the idea of taking something effective and making it even better. That effect is amplified when that lack of knowledge is causing active harm to something valuable to them.

Self-sabotage is a real phenomenon , and can manifest in a number of ways. So how is your audience of readers sabotaging themselves? Are they failing to learn enough to move forward?

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Are they running with cheap, ineffective solutions? People look to successful individuals in all areas with a sense of grandiose admiration. This title will help you guide users in a direction of your choosing before they take some action relevant to your brand. For example, you could tell users X things to do before buying a house, suggesting they contact a real estate agent you or your contact.

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Or you could tell users X things to do before starting a workout regimen, suggesting they work with a personal trainer you or your contact. The sequence of steps here is informative, and seems highly significant to the average outsider. This title offers that path, and does so in a quantifiable number of suggestions—which is extra appealing to those dealing with stress and confusion. Not everything in your industry is pretty, and this title instantly implies that.

Listing the harsh realities about your situation, your industry, or even your brand is a way to prove your integrity, transparency, and honesty to your readers. Not all businesses are willing to disclose these less-than-perfect details, so the fact that you are instantly makes you more trustworthy. Embarrassment often triggers a sympathetic response, but it also calls upon our senses of humor.

Other brands and consumers have already made some powerful mistakes, so why not take advantage of them to give your readers a good laugh and some helpful information along the way? Be careful who and what you list here—if you tell the embarrassing story of someone who takes it personally, they could go after you—but otherwise, try to have some fun here.

In any case, this change is accompanied by some kind of monumental shift, and your readers know it. This title is specifically targeted toward team leaders, entrepreneurs, or other professional roles responsible for managing individual employees. Second, that your employees should know this, increasing the perceived significance of the work. If you can provide this information, these readers will be much more likely to stick around. The blank here is an open gateway to almost anything you can imagine. There are only a few stipulations here; the blank must be recent, it must have given you some new information, and of course, it must be relevant to your audience.

It may get the job done, but is it the most efficient way to do it? Is it the fastest? Is it the easiest? But you can also substitute almost any superlative here for the same effect; i. Here, the first blank is going to fill in with your target demographic; this gives you the opportunity to speak directly to your audience, not to mention optimizing for related keywords. The second blank is going to refer to your main area of expertise or your current target. People love to see different influencers because they need different perspectives, different viewpoints, and even different voices to get a complete experience.

You could easily turn this post into an infographic and reap even greater rewards. Depending on your industry and target audience, this could be an immensely fun post to write. AlternateHistoryHub has developed its entire brand around providing information on alternative histories. You could also approach this as present-day experimenting; what would happen if your customers suddenly did something to their cars? The what-if model is appealing because it strikes a chord with our imaginations.

Remember what I said about influencers? Gather up a bunch of quotes on the matter from some of the most respected influencers you can find, and if you can, try to hit the problem from multiple different angles. People love to read—and cite—statistics relevant to their interests. They tend to be objective, enlightening, and hard to obtain, which makes them valuable. There you have it! Like it or not, you now have zero excuses not to have a full editorial calendar. Swap out some keywords and phrases, and you can easily use each of the titles on this list multiple times over.

Sure, these blog title ideas will help get your creative juices going, but what about having our expert team create your content for you? However, titles are especially important to the content creation process for a number of reasons: Direction. Seeing a new title can spark a new direction for your content, giving you a brief groundwork to use in your new article.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson: Understand Your Customers and Over-Deliver

SEO benefits. Why do you think that is?

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When someone has a bad customer service experience, they feel as if they were treated wrongly, and they want to be heard. They want to know that you recognize the poor treatment they received, and they expect you to do something about it, even if that is just a simple yet sincere apology. While automated solutions, like the chatbots we mentioned above, can be great in certain instances, people still really value a human touch. Responding respectfully and in a timely manner is the best approach. Instead, personalize your responses and add a bit of charm. Remember, when a customer has an inquiry, feedback or a complaint, you want to be the first to respond, not a stirred-up Twitter mob.

Direct people to the contact page on your website, ask them to fill out an after-sale survey, or send a follow-up email. The best to way to circumvent many of the issues your customers could face is to be proactive.

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It is about them, after all. Beauty Bakerie obviously understands that finding makeup to match your skin tone is tough to do online. As you can see below, the cosmetics company anticipated that a customer might choose the wrong shade of foundation, so they found a way to avoid that problem. The customer was so impressed with the gesture that she shared her positive response on social media:. I was a little unsure of my shade in the new Cake Mix Foundation by beautybakerie To my surprise I was sent the next shade up and a blending egg aside from my original order.

Amazing customer service! Other considerations include giving customers important notices about their orders. Advise them to order by a certain date if they want their items to arrive by Christmas. Be upfront about shipping costs. Tell them how many of an item are left. Look for ways to eliminate undesirable surprises at every point in the customer experience.

The worst possible response to a customer issue is no response. The second worst is not taking ownership of the problem. This only compounds the issue. Instead, focus on righting any wrongs straightaway. If a parcel gets lost in the mail, give the customer their money back or send a replacement immediately. If a product becomes unavailable after a customer has made their purchase, stay on top of it and delight them like Nike did this customer:. One positive interaction can result in a loyal customer who endorses your brand and continues to buy from you for years to come.

How someone feels after engaging with your brand could mean the difference between a loyal customer who recommends your store to family and friends and one who blasts their bad reviews to the masses and never buys from you again. You want to be on the right side of the customer service coin. Get together with your team today and begin brainstorming ways to impress and delight your customers. Consumers have really come to revel in the convenience of online shopping.

And with that, here are six surefire ways to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more: 1. A simple gesture can still inspire people to share their experience with others. Surprise Your Customers By Addressing Potential Risks The best to way to circumvent many of the issues your customers could face is to be proactive. As mentioned earlier, some purchases come with risks, especially online purchases. The customer was so impressed with the gesture that she shared her positive response on social media: I was a little unsure of my shade in the new Cake Mix Foundation by beautybakerie To my surprise I was sent the next shade up and a blending egg aside from my original order.